“Did you know you needed a permit for that?”

By Valinda Hanna-Lazarus

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As network television continues to create, reinvent and resurrect home-improvement shows, we’ll continue to watch them.  “Fixer Upper”, “Love it or List it” and “Property Brothers” are just a few fan favorites.  Viewers are taken into the world of “Cinderelastate” (Cinderella + real-estate) where an outdated, neglected and inefficient home is transformed into an impressive, stylish sanctuary by very imaginative and resourceful fairy godparents!

For thirty minutes the audience is given just enough information to keep them glued to their seats.  But unfortunately for all their good intentions, these shows sometimes mislead homeowners into believing renovation projects are simple and quick.  Major home improvement endeavors require one very important, but possibly time-consuming, element; permits!

The City of Port St Lucie requires permits for a variety of home improvement purposes.  The obvious ones such as re-roofs and home additions many homeowners are familiar with.  But did you know windows & exterior doors change-out require a permit?  How about hot water heaters, a/c units, fences, shutters, sheds, patio enclosures, above-ground pools, electrical and plumbing?  Prior to starting a project, homeowners should contact the City of Port St Lucie Building Department to ascertain if a permit is required.  You can go online to http://www.cityofpsl.com (Building Permit Application) or call them at (772) 871-5225.

If you are a homeowner planning on selling your home, obtaining required permits for your home improvement project is essential to the marketability of your home!  As a Realtor®, I have stepped onto quite a few versatile and appealing converted patios with my buyers only to realize they were not permitted.  An appraiser will make the lender aware of unpermitted additions which can adversely impact the buyers’ approval of that home.  Buyers today are also very knowledgeable and savvy.  They are quick to spot irregularities, and often will ask about permits.  St Lucie County Property Appraiser’s Office website (https://www.paslc.org) can be a resource to verify a home’s recorded permits and the dates they were requested.  

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