The House that Sells Itself

The House that Sells Itself


The other day while showing a house to a first-time homebuyer, I came across it!  What is “it” you may ask?  “It” for a REALTOR® is a home when you and your buyers first enter, “it” speaks for itself.   No words, no explanation, and certainly no sales pitch needed!  From the driveway to the boundary line in the backyard, this home was presented in the best possible manner.  The sellers (I’m sure with the help of their REALTOR®) accentuated the positives of their home and minimized the imperfections. 

The house was priced well within market value for the area and type of home, but that was just icing on the cake.  It was obvious that the sellers still took great pride in their home even though it was “for sale”, and they were occupying it.  I must admit that as a REALTOR® sometimes I feel an empty home is easier to show.  No clutter, no objectionable personal items, and no inconvenient showing times.  However, I discovered that an empty home most often misses the most important thing; “the feel of home”.    

This was one of the positives this home had; “the feel of home”.  My buyers eagerly stepped into each room excited to get ideas on how to decorate, and what to put where.  They immediately visualized their family in that home.  The current owners of the home had children and several small pets and didn’t try to hide that fact, but instead drew attention to it in a simple and tasteful way.  This is a great suggestion for sellers still living in their homes.  Make the best of the circumstance by showing buyers the functionality of each room in a unique and positive light.  Here are some other great take-aways for sellers that I got from this home:

  •  Help buyers visualize the purposes for odd spaces in the home.
  • Display personal items, but at a minimum (e.g. Family photos, vases, unique collections).
  • Remove excess clutter off kitchen counters so they appear larger, and buyers can envision multiple people using the counter at the same time.
  • Acknowledge Sylvester and Fido neatly designated corners.
  • Help rooms appear larger by removing extra furniture.
  • If you are moving, use storage boxes neatly stacked in the garage or specific area.

Very important, make sure there are no offensive odors when buyers first enter your home.

Valinda Hanna-Lazarus

Realtor at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.


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